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Short Stories

"The Damned Doorbell Rang." The MIsadventures of Nero Wolfe.  2020

"Please Do Not Disturb." Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine.. January/February 2019

"Nobody Gets Killed." Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. March/April 2018

"Train Tracks." Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. January/February 2018

"The Chair Thief." Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. November/December 2017.

"The Cop Who Liked Gilbert and Sullivan." Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine. #23. 2017. Winner of the 2018 Derringer Award for Best Short Story.

"On The Ramblas." Murder Under The Oaks:Bouchercon 2015 Anthology. 2015.

"Nakhshon," Jewish Noir. 2015.

"Shooting at Firemen." Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. July/August 2015. Finalist for the 2016 Derringer Award for Best Long Story.

"The Roseville Way." The Anthology of Cozy Noir.   2014. 

"The Accessory."  Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine.  June 2014.  Listed in the Other Distinguished Stories category in BEST AMERICAN MYSTERY STORIES 2015, edited by James Patterson and Otto Penzler.

"Two Men, One Gun."  Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine.  October 2013.

"The Red Envelope."  Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine.  July/August 2013.  Winner of the Black Orchid Novella Award.                                                                                    

"The Present." The Strand Magazine.  February-May 2013.  Winner of the Derringer Award for best short story.

"Brutal."  Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. September 2012.

"Why."  Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. May 2011.

"Hammer and Dish."  Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine.  June 2010.

"The Shanty Drummer."  Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine."  August 2009. 
"The Center of the Universe."  Seattle Noir.   2009.

"The Hard Case."  Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine.  April 2008

"On The Bubble."  Show Business Is Murder.  2004.

"Nailbiter."  Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine.  September 2003.  Winner of the Derringer Award for best short story.

"The Old Man's Number." MysteryNet. Twist #158. February 7, 2000

"The Shoemaker's Children." MysteryNet. Twist #150. December 8, 1999

"Just The Ticket." MysteryNet. Twist #144. October 20, 1999

"Dear Mr Picknell." MysteryNet. Twist #128. June 20, 1999

"Selective Memory." MysteryNet Twist #122. May 19, 1999

"Dead Giveaway." Murderous Intent.  Summer 1995.

"Until I Do." New Crimes 3. 1992.

"A Small Case Of Arson." P.I. Magazine. Spring 1991.

"Hit and Run."  Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine.  February 1990.
"The Witch Downstairs." Black Cat Mystery Magazine.  Fall 1982.

"Killing Is Easy."  Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine.  November 11, 1981.

"The Dear Departed."  Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine.  24 June 1981.  Honor Roll, Year's Best Mystery and Suspense Stories.

"Burton's Beat."  Mike Shayne's Mystery Magazine. June 1981.

"The Long Treason."  Mike Shayne's Mystery Magazine. October 1979  Available for free online.


"Shanks Saves the World." Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. May/June 2020

"Shanks Goes Rogue."  Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. May 2016.

"Shanks' Mare," in Shanks on Crime, 2014.

"Shanks For The Memory," in Shanks on Crime, 2014.

"Shanks' Ghost Story," in Shanks on Crime, 2014.

"Shanks At The Bar," in Shanks on Crime, 2014.

"Shanks Holds The Line."  TRACE EVIDENCE (Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine blog).  May 5, 2014.

"Shanks' Ride."  Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. April 2013.

"Shanks Commences."  Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. May 2012.

"Shanks on Misdirection."  Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. July/August 2009.

"Shanks Gets Killed."  Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. May 2009.

"Shanks on the Prowl."  Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. May 2006.  Available as a free podcast.  

"Shanks gets Mugged."  Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. December 2005.

"Shanks Goes Hollywood."  Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. April 2005.

"Shanks at Lunch."  Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. February 2003.



"A Bad Day For Algebra Tests." Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine.  November/December 2018.

"A Bad Day For Bargain Hunters." Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine.  May 2014

"A Bad Day For Pink and Yellow Shirts." Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine.  May 2004.


"Devil Chased The Wolf Away." Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine.  January/February 2014.

"Snake in the Sweetgrass." Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine.  December 2003.  Available as a free podcast.


"Crow's Lesson."  Malfeasance Occasional: Girl Trouble.  2013.

“Crow’s Avenue.”  Hardbroiled.  Betancourt books.  2003.

"Four of a Kind."" Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. 1994.

"Crow's Feat."  Constable New Crimes 2.  Constable. 1993.  Nominated for the Anthony Award 1994. 

""The Federal Case."  Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine.May 1991.

""Big Heart Harry's Case."  P.I.Magazine.  Summer 1990.

"Crow in a Storm."  P.I. Magazine.  Winter 1990.

"Crow's Game."  P.I. Magazine.  Winter 1990.



"Uncle Victor Gets Lost." Futures Magazine.  First Quarter 2004

"Uncle Victor On A Roll."  Murderous Intent Mystery Magazine.  Summer/Fall 1998.

"Uncle Victor Takes A Lunch."  Murderous Intent Mystery Magazine.  Winter 1998.

"Uncle Victor On Watch."  Murderous Intent Mystery Magazine.  Fall 1998.

"Uncle Victor Boots Up."  Murderous Intent Mystery Magazine.  Fall 1997.

"Uncle Victor's First Case."  Murderous Intent Mystery Magazine.  Spring 1996.


"Robot Carson." Mystery Weekly Magazine. March/April 2018

"Street of the Dead House". nEvermore!  2015.  Selected for inclusion in Best American Mysteries 2016 AND Year's Best Dark Fantasy & Horror: 2016.

"Letters to the Journal of Experimental History."  The Town Drunk (Available for free.)

"Down In The Corridor." Jigsaw Nation. 2006

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